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I’ve strategically planned out my 12 hour trip to Chicago.

Go to school for a day of torture. Leave school at 1pm. Get on greyhound (which I hate for many reasons but am willing to sacrifice for live performance) at 2 pm. Travel to Chicago until 7:45. Get off, get on Blue Line (which always gets me to where I need to be) for 25 min to take me to Concord Music Hall. Enter building while Opening act HOLYCHILD is playing. Wait patiently for MØ to grace the stage. Enjoy concert. Leave to head back to greyhound station for 1:30am bus outta town. Arrive back at home at 7am. pass out for two hours and work at 11am. Think I can do it? I BELIEVE. 


**I didn’t mention I cannot sleep on buses. So, one would think to sleep on bus ride home but it doesn’t work for me so I’m essentially screwed in feeling good the day after but it’ll all be worth it. 

What did you expect from these red lips? 

Curses, laughter, and a tender kiss. 


As long as the music is loud enough we won’t hear the world falling apart

Life is beautiful. I know I may seem weird and far fetched and misplaced but I love every single person that has graced me in my life. Every soul is beautiful. In a world that’s so cynical you still have your heart of gold. Let that carry you into oblivion and raise you to a state higher than anyone who has ever doubted you.

I haven’t cried in so long.

I take this as a sign strength. My sparrow blue. The sun is always shining. The magnificence is always there.